Want to Get Rid of Bad Breath/Halitosis?

Want to get rid of bad breath / halitosis

Bad breath can be quite discomforting. There are times when bad breath or odor is a concern for you and sometimes it is a problem for your loved ones. People tend to pounce upon mouthwash or mints in various forms to get rid of bad breath. However, they seldom pay attention that the most common cause of this bad breath is the imbalances in the mouth bacteria. And for this matter, they do not even think of consulting a dentist.

One fact is that it’s good to maintain hygiene of mouth by using a mouth wash. But this alone is not the complete remedy. One can focus on lifestyle changes and natural remedies.

Brushing Twice Daily:

Brushing twice daily

Two major factors which lead to mouth odor are bacteria present in the mouth and decaying food particles. These elements can find ample places to sustain in the vast landscape of your oral world. Brushing daily is a good habit and brushing includes cleaning of your gums and tongue along with teeth. Typical time for proper brushing is approximately three minutes.

Use of Mouthwash and Dental Floss:

Use of Mouthwash and Dental Floss

Mouthwash can be used after brushing daily which aids in keeping the mouth moist. Your mouthwash should contain chlorine dioxide. This helps in removing odor causing bacteria in the back of the tongue where sufficient cleaning is difficult as a routine.  Dental floss is usually ignored but you should use it at least once a day to keep the unwanted food deposits away from your mouth. Flossing needs to be made a habit as the bleeding might happen while you are dislodging those chunks of food, which were stuck to your gums and teeth for quite some time. These are major contributors to bad breath.

Choose your Food Appropriately:

Choose your food appropriately

If your food tonight had a good quantity of onions and garlic, no wonder your odor goes much stronger. In such a case, even brushing after eating those foodstuffs doesn’t work. Dentists even suggest that these substances with strong odor cause bad smells by reaching your blood stream and lungs. From lungs, you breathe the odor out into the surrounding air. Such strong odor can be avoided by avoiding foods that sour your breath. If not in routine, you can pay special attention when you plan a meeting at work or with friends.

Say No to ‘Tobacco’:

Say no to ‘tobacco’

Tobacco is known to cause cancer and yet the consumption of tobacco in various forms is on the rise. Smoking is known to damage the gums and stains the teeth. It is also one of the trigger for bad breath.  Even coffee and alcohol are known to affect your breath so beware of having too much of coffee or hard drinks if you are facing the problem of bad odor.

Restore Health of your Gums:

Restore health of your gums

Bacteria find sufficient scope of survival in the gum areas thus causing Gum Diseases. These gum diseases then cause bad odor. If your gums are unhealthy, seek the specialist who deals in gums, Periodontist, who will consult you with specialized treatment.

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