Sinus Pressure Vs Toothache

Sinus Pressure Tooth Ache

Is it a sinus pressure or a tooth ache?

There is no worse experience that tooth pain .It can be throbbing, aching and radiating. It is important to get to the root cause of the problem. Is it related to pay your teeth or something entirely different? Tooth can be because of decay, gum problem bone disease. IT can also be of non-odontogenic origin; it arises for a variety of reason the most common one is referred pain from the maxillary sinus. As spring id approaching sinusitis will occur in array of people which will gradually result in sinus pressure tooth ache.

Sinus Pressure Tooth Ache

What Is Sinus Pressure Tooth Ache?

Sinus pressure tooth ache is caused due to sinusitis, which is nothing but inflammation of   lining of the sinuses. Sinuses are empty cavities that are filled with air and are distributed in the entire skull. The general purpose of there is to warm the air before it enters lungs. It is usually lined by mucous membrane, it can be easily infected. When infection occurs there is possible fluid accumulation.

Maxillary sinuses are located behind cheek bone (above upper jaw) and the roots of upper molar teeth are very close to the floor of sinus cavity (something even extending inside).When sinusitis occurs build up in the sinus will a pressure on roots of upper molar teeth which results in tooth ache.

Symptoms and Signs:

Symptoms:  Fever, bad breadth, heavy head/face tenderness/swelling in the check bones Nasal congestion.

Sign: Cough cold, facial pain, pressure, persistent sinus tooth ache.

Sinus Pressure

Causes: sinusitis may occur when bacteria from nose enters the sinuses. The most common cold, allergy, deviated septum and nasal polyp.

Usually sinusitis last from 4 weeks to 12 weeks and sometimes it is more than 12 weeks it is a subacute form. In case of recurrent form, it occurs several times a year.

How to Differentiate From Normal Tooth Pain:

Sinus pressure tooth pain is usually a dull pain and it is similar to pressure on your teeth, whereas pain from a broken tooth/abscess tooth will be more severe and also try bending over the pain will increase drastically in sinus pressure tooth ache. It will increase, when you catch a cold or flu or if you are on airplane. there would be tender and stone feeling over face, jaw and  nasal area .check your history of experiencing tooth aches with sinus infection in the past, might  help.


Tooth Pain


However to be of sure consult your dentist will make necessary investigations line x-ray and clinical examination, will be able to give a proper diagnosis. If it is a sinus infection you will be referred to a doctor or ENT specialist.


Most common treatment includes prescription of antibiotics and Antihistamines, Symptomatic treatment will be given based on your symptoms like nasal congestion or tooth pain.