Metal Free Crowns

Metal Free Procera Crowns

All metal-free crowns are porcelain crowns. The Procera all ceramic crowns used by us are designed using unique, high-precision approach so as to produce natural-looking ceramic prostheses and custom abutments. Since these crowns are rated for being 99% biologically compatible, we prefer using these with teeth and implants.

By using the ‘Procera’ system, we are able to restore the beauty and transparency of porcelain while maintaining the strength of traditional gold or porcelain crown. To add to the strength of the crown, the coping is made using dense-sintered aluminum oxide with high bio-compatibility and purity. In the process, the Procera Abutment is created using CADD design so that the output is a custom milled implant abutment custom designed for you. Finally, the custom Procera Abutment is machined for your special need at the production plant in Sweden.

By using this advanced ‘Procera’ technology, the patients get their crowns with optimal fit, great strength and non-porosity. Yet, one of the most ignored aspects of dental treatment is that people generally tend to ignore the skill of the dentist. By combining it with PROCERA AllCeram Porcelain, the risk of allergic aggravations is minimized. Moreover, these crowns have the ability to transmit light without being transparent.

The role of a dentist is very crucial in whatever treatment you take, and is as important as the type of dental crown which is being used in treatment.

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Metal Free Procera Alumina Crowns

Procera (Alumina) crown is made by a densely sintered aluminum oxide coping of high-purity. This is manufactured using CAD / CAM technology and offers an amazing combination of strength and aesthetics. The strength of Alumina results in extremely low fracture rates. However, the Metal Free Procera Alumina Crowns are used for single crowns only in the anterior region of the mouth. These alumina restorations can stand intact for several years. Yet, a large number of patients prefer to opt for restorations made of material and not containing metal or other alloys. The most preferred restorations are done using bio-compatible material which poses minimal risk of allergic reactions.

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Metal Free Procera Zirconia Crowns

Procera Zirconia initally was introduced as a solution to concerns related to posterior strength. Zircon, a synthetic diamond, brings along exceptional rigidity. This strength makes Zirconia crowns great restorations with improved mechanical forecast. While undergoing the heat treatment of the various ceramic layers, Zircon exhibits perfect stability because of its high melting point. Since it does not utilize metal reinforcement, the crowns are produced with low thickness. This helps in saving the healthy tissue while doing the preparation of teeth. The aesthetic appearance remains excellent as the subjacent metal does not interrupt the light. Biocompatibility, transparency and close resemblance with natural tooth and strength makes Zirconia a good consideration. These Zircon crowns can be easily used in both anterior and posterior applications. In addition, it also finds use when considering long-span fixed partial dentures.

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Metal Free CERCON Crowns

Yet another metal free ceramic crown, Cercon, comes with a slim, tooth colored zirconium base instead of the old styled metal base. With its full porcelain crown, it is packed with aesthetic excellence to restore the natural look of your teeth, but it is proven to be much stronger than the usual full porcelain jacket crown.

Cercon crowns are considered among the latest metal free crowns. Developed by Swiss researchers, Cercon can easily go unnoticed even from the experts’ eyes from a distance of 5-10 cm.Cercon is best suited for the gums and soft tissues and hence ensures their good health. It is excessively used for single crowns of front teeth and molars.

These crowns are versatile with high durability caused by the flexibility of Zirconium oxide. Being crack resistant, it fits well with long bridges. Its computer aided design (CAD) system guarantees perfect fit with high accuracy. The minimal wall thickness is 0.3mm-0.4mm. Zirconium oxide used in making Cercon crowns offer high level of bio-compatibility.Being free from metal, it continues to retain its characteristic of being anti-allergic.

The treatment is possible with just two sittings with your dentist making your dull smile transform into dazzling giggles. It uses minimally invasive and painless treatment, hence there is zero recovery time required. You can start with your regular meals as soon as you move out of your doc’s clinic.

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Metal Free IPS Empress Crowns

IPS Empress are clinically accepted perfect solution for those who are either highly sensitive or are suffering from allergies. They are completely bio-compatible hence eliminates the risk of allergic aggravations. It is an all-ceramic, metal-free restoration solution. Metal Free IPS Empress Crowns are characterized by their bonded ceramic restorative material which works towards reestablishing the function, shape, contour and color in addition to the strength of a natural denture.

IPS Empress Crowns are seen as an ideal fit for anterior restoration crowns and veneers with its excellent marginal fits. The fitting of the crown requires etching and bonding.However, when it comes to posterior crowns, IPS Empress is not seen suitable. It may be used for posterior inlays and onlays. It may be used for three unit splinted abutments and all single crowns for all positions in your mouth except the second molars.

IPS Empress is considered a perfect solution where the patient is looking for pocket-friendly solution without compromising on the aesthetic looks and durable strength. This becomes possible as these crowns can be stained, cut back and layered by using IPS Empress Esthetic powders. It acts as savior for people with discolored teeth due to excessive intake of coffee, tea, wine, and some cases of medication.

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