Minor dental surgeries meant to remove swellings and soft and hard tissue growth can be quickly and effectively performed using dental laser. Surgeries performed with laser technology heal quickly compared to the conventional treatment.


Root canal treatment is performed to save badly decayed tooth. The process involves removing the damaged or decayed pulp from the tooth and filling it and sealing it over the top. With the laser technology the root canal treatment has not only become painless but also it takes lesser time than conventional treatment option


Lasers technology can be effectively used the field of dentistry in many ways. Lasers can be effective alternative of traditional methods for cavity removal, teeth whitening and to harden bonding materials used in fillings.


Laser technology is effectively used for the early detection of cavities. A low powered laser beam is used to detect the tiny pits within tooth that can potentially become cavity at a later stage. Once detected, the tiny openings are sealed to prevent cavity formation.


Cavities can effectively be removed with the laser beam. The laser has the ability to remove the decay from inside a tooth. In case of laser dentistry, the need of administering anaesthesia is greatly reduced or eliminated over the traditional methods.


Crown lengthening is performed around the teeth that are broken or have been filled below the gum line. It needs to be made sure that bonding doesn’t interfere with the health of gum and bone. In conventional methods, this procedure would take six to eight weeks of healing but with laser dentistry, the crown lengthening and crown preparation can be performed at the same visit, saving both time and money.


A perfect smile is formed when your lips, teeth and gums are in harmony. For redesigning smiling, often it is required to correct the level of the gum before veneers or crown are made. Usually it is done with scalpels and sutures especially in the cases where the bone is required to be adjusted with a drill. With laser lifts gum and bone around the teeth can be reshaped quickly painlessly.


Melanin hyper-pigmentation causes dark gums especially in certain individuals with darker complexions. Undesirable appearance of gums can be easily removed with the help of laser dental technology. Laser technology can painlessly and accurately remove dark spots in the gum and the entire procedure takes very less time.


Filling is done to restore a decayed tooth giving back its normal shape. Before placing the filling, the decayed and damaged particles are cleaned properly using dental equipment. With the help of laser technology, cavity can be formed without pricking or use of any needle or any equipment. It also doesn’t cause any vibration or numbness and a patient can very comfortably undergo the entire procedure without any pain.

The laser filling reduces the time required considerably and also pain and discomfort. Laser reduces sensitivity and selectively target areas of decay and enamel, minimising the amount of tissue removed.