Advanced Dental Care Centre is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and expertise to offer various kinds of dental treatments with the help of laser technology.

With the advancement of technology, laser dentistry comes across as an effective alternative to painful treatment. Not only the laser dentistry is completely painless, it takes considerably lesser time for the healing process.

Laser technology can be effectively used for various dental treatments – lasers can be effectively used for removing plaque and dental decay and for preparing a cavity affected tooth for a filling. A laser beam can also help harden bonding material. Laser dentistry can effectively reshape gums, remove excess or bacteria from between gums and diseased teeth.


Advantages of laser technology include but are not limited to:

  • Laser dentistry offers extreme precision allowing the placement of tiny invisible fillings
  • Completely noiseless - No whining sound of the dental drill
  • No vibration like in regular dental drilling
  • Decreased post operative sensitivity
  • Very convenient especially for kids
  • Requires minimal or no anaesthesia
  • Minimal bleeding or no bleeding
  • Reduced postoperative infection/discomfort
  • Faster healing
  • Less chance of infection
  • Considerably lesser pain
  • Improved bonding process
  • Quick removal of tooth decay
  • Longer lasting fillings


Lasers technology can be effectively used the field of dentistry in many ways. Lasers can be effective alternative of traditional methods for cavity removal, teeth whitening and to harden bonding materials used in fillings.

Laser Teeth Whitening

Advanced Dental Care Centre is equipped with state of the art Picasso Laser Technology. With the help of Picasso Laser whitening can be performed much quicker and more efficiently for our patients.

The method of teeth whitening with the help of laser technology is also known as light-activated teeth whitening. One of the newest methods available for teeth whitening, this has become very popular owing to great advantages, this technique offers.

It uses a beam of special laser light for the whitening procedure. It has become immensely popular because it takes only an hour and the results can be seen instantly. The gel based bleaching agent is activated using a laser beam. It offers up to a 10 shade improvement and a much faster pace


Melanin hyper-pigmentation causes dark gums especially in certain individuals with darker complexions. Undesirable appearance of gums can be easily removed with the help of laser dental technology. Laser technology can painlessly and accurately remove dark spots in the gum and the entire procedure takes very less time.


Filling is done to restore a decayed tooth giving back its normal shape. Before placing the filling, the decayed and damaged particles are cleaned properly using dental equipment. With the help of laser technology, cavity can be formed without pricking or use of any needle or any equipment. It also doesn’t cause any vibration or numbness and a patient can very comfortably undergo the entire procedure without any pain.

The laser filling reduces the time required considerably and also pain and discomfort. Laser reduces sensitivity and selectively target areas of decay and enamel, minimising the amount of tissue removed.


The Laser assisted new attachment procedure also known as LANAP protocol, is a more productive and effectual way to treat periodontitis.Statistics have shown that 50% of Indian population is suffering from gum disease. For years, gum disease has been treated with same conventional surgery, but LANAP is one of the advanced procedures used to treat gum disease or periodontitis using laser. Using digitally controlled pulse durations down to microseconds,0.000001 seconds, the laser delivers a precise amount of energy for treatment.

LANAP offers a regenerative treatment option that is more relaxed, more remedial, less prying, and less costly.

Cosmetically, this procedure is the most preserving of tissues around the teeth compared to any treatment demanding traditional flap access. Any periodontal treatment has some effect on the inflammation caused by disease process. As the inflammation resolves, there will be some shrinkage of the soft tisues, LANAP keeps this change to a minimum because only the unhealthy tissue is removed.Full mouth treatment with LANAP decreases the time for a surgical procedure by more than 50%.

Occlusal adjustments or adjusting the high contacts of the teeth, is an inherent part of LANAP. The reason for this component of care is to allow the new attachment to adhere to teeth that are not moving from traumatic contacts as it is difficult for the body to heal to a moving target. Over time, teeth may have shifted notably due to disease process and likewise the adjustment may also be significant ,requiring fillings, crowns, or bridgework to be remade.

Periodontal maintenance every three months is a required part of your follow-ups process for first 12months asthe bacteria responsible for this disease repopulate after about 3 months. In order to disrupt the bacteria, keep the teeth and root surfaces free of deposits. Cleaning your teeth by a dentist every 3 months is important.